Marco The "CHEF GOAT" | Lost 64lbs in 8-Weeks

Marco The "CHEF GOAT" | Lost 64lbs in 8-Weeks



POUNDS LOST: 64.4lbs (in 8-Weeks)


START DATE: March 2021



CURRENT WEIGHT: 208lbs and Jacked (3-Years Later)

AGE: 50

CITY: San Francisco

PROFESSION: Medical Professional

Marco's Story-

When I jumped on a call with Marco in back in March 2021, he was in a bad spot.

Working double hospital shifts during the COVID crisis had taken a toll on Marco. He had resorted to overeating, and unhealthy coping mechanisms to combat the death, stress, and despair in the Intensive Care Unit.

We we first spoke, Marco was 268 pounds. He had more than 10" of gut fat to lose, and needed a complete overhaul of his mindset, habits, and routines to pull him out of his rut. 

After he signed up, I ended our call with these foreboding words... 

"8-Weeks from this day, you will meet Marco 2.0. The old you dies right here and right now. You have just stepped into an entirely different realm of existence. If you do what I ask, you'll be an entirely different man by the end of our time together. Marco 2.0, are you with me?"

In Week 1, Marco lost 10lbs+. This is not uncommon for the GUTLESS Gangsters. However, shedding damn near 10lbs every single week for the next 7-Weeks WAS uncommon and extraordinary.  

Success leaves breadcrumbs.

Pay attention.

Day in and day out, Marco meticulously documented every step of his 8-Week GUTLESS Journey....

He created dozens of Anthony-Bourdain-Worthy meals from our simple yet effective M1 GUTLESS Grub Matrix, earning him the title of Chef GOAT. 

And a few weeks into the challenge, Marco decided to go for the GUTLESS GOAT belt. In doing so, he put our former GUTLESS GOAT Tom Lauchenaeur in the crosshairs. 

Tom had lost 63.2lbs in 8-Weeks in the GUTLESS ELITE Cohort prior to Marco's.

Many men have lost over 50lbs in 8-Weeks in GUTLESS. However, only 2 men have lost more than 60lbs in 8-Weeks. 

In our current GUTLESS Elite Class. In fact, 3 members in C19 (our current cohort) have lost 23lbs+ in the last 3-weeks.

Dylan Smith (show below), went head to head with Tom in Tom's Cohort, Cohort 8. 

And Dylan would have been the new GOAT graduating with 58lbs down while going head-to-head with Tom in Cohort 8. 

That was an epic battle. I interviewed Tom and Dylan after their showdown in the video above (click above and watch later). 

But, Tom ended up beating Dylan by 5.2 pounds and winning the GUTLESS GOAT belt with 63.2LBS down in 8-Weeks!

I was pretty sure that Tom would remain the GOAT forever. 

UNTIL... May 23, 2021. On this day, Tom had to take his prized possession with a big shinny "G" off trophy wall. He gave it one last smile, and shipped it off to Marco, the new GUTLESS GOAT. 

Marco took to Instagram to honor his predecessor and celebrate his HUGE accomplishment. Not only had Marco stepped into Marco 2.0...

Marco had become the GREATEST OF ALL TIME in GUTLESS Gangster history and #1 in our Hall of Fame.

Having lost 64.4 in 8-Weeks, Marco had become our new GUTLESS G.O.A.T. 🐐👑

One of his friends from a WILD 94.9 Radio, was blown away by his insane transformation and invited him on the show.

Dozens of men have joined GUTLESS ELITE and changed their lives forever due to Marco's unprecedented accomplishment. 

You gotta give it up for Marco The Chef GOAT!

Incredible story if I do say so myself... but you are probably wondering "what became of the GOAT?"

Did he keep it off or shoot back up to 268LBS?

Marco posted this picture last month nearly 2 years after graduating from GUTLESS ELITE. 

Not only has Marco kept the weight off and remained GUTLESS, he has packed on a bunch of muscle and looks like a New Zealand All-Black rugby player... JACKED.

Congratulations to Marco Castro our number #1 Gun, reigning GOAT, MVG, and GUTLESS Hall of Famer.

Respect brother.

Keep it GUTLESS. 

Five Fingers Make A Fist 🖐👊

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Coach Bryce


Bryce Anderson

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