How Matt Broke His "Bad Dad Metabolism"

How Matt Broke His "Bad Dad Metabolism"

Bad Metabolism or Wrong Program? 

When I started working with Matt Arden (a father, and husband), he was 47.

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Matt was stuck at 210lbs and was doing a lot of the right things, but could not get below 200 pounds no matter what.

He was working out regularly with a personal trainer, eating “normally”, but the scale wasn't budging and neither was his gut fat.

He suspected his metabolism had slowed down and perhaps he was just too old to make it happen.

There were 2 things that he was missing.

I said…

"Matt most of the dads I've helped had the same suspicion. Rarely is being wrong good news, but the good news is you are wrong about your metabolism. You remind me of a guy I worked with named Carsten.”

And then I showed Matt how Carsten beat his Bad Dad Metabolism, broke his plateau, and got abs (even as a 47 years old dad).

Matt signed up for the 8-Week GUTLESS ELITE Challenge and here's what happened 👇

Regardless of if you are a Dad who can seem to get below 200lb despite working out and eating “normally” like Matt and Carsten…

Or if you are a man who needs to shed 63lbs to get below 200lbs like Tom Lauchenauer…

We can help.

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