Is losing 5-10lbs a week safe?

Is losing 5-10lbs a week safe?

Yes, it is both safe and common for GUTLESS members.

Our members lose 5-10lbs per week during their 8-Week challenge.

It has been this way since we started and…

YET, we still get people saying...

“but, I read you can only lose 2-3lbs per week safely.”

This is outdated, incomplete, and erroneous generalized information. 

Hell... In the 1990's, were taught that consuming 6-11 servings of cereal per day was healthy! 

Now WE know that eating Cap'n Crunch 6-11 times a day is a one-way-ticket to diabetes. 

As I said... outdated, incomplete, and erroneous generalized information. 

Losing 5-10lbs per week is safe if:

  1. You aren’t starving yourself - In GUTLESS, there is no portion control, you don’t count calories, you eat carbs with every meal, and lot’s of fat. You won’t be hungry, miserable, or in a massive calorie deficit. That is why our crazy results are both safe and sustainable.
  2. You aren’t malnourished - Most fad diets like: keto, juice diets, soups diets don’t work long-term and are not safe. Why? They are not well-balanced diets. That means, you become malnourished from a micro and macro nutritional standpoint. Not safe. Not sustainable. 

GUTLESS GRUB is a well-balanced, nutrient-rich, and calorically-dense eating system. It isn't a diet. It is not safe to lose 5-10lbs/week if you on a diet that creates a macro or micro-nutritional deficiency. It is perfectly safe to lose 5-10lbs/week with GUTLESS.

GUTLESS has one of the highest pounds/per week weight loss averages and one of the highest long-term weight loss success rates in the business.

For example... Marco Castro lost 64lbs in 8-Weeks and has kept it off for the last 2.5 years (AND added a ton of muscle). Check out Marco's story by clicking here.

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