Pre-Call Homework (Get Inspired)

Pre-Call Homework (Get Inspired)

If you are serious about finally ditching the dad bod and reclaiming your confidence…

This is the 1st Step that every GUTLESS Success Story has taken.

I need you to complete the assignments below before our call.

You can knock all 3 out in about 11 mins right now (and go from hopeless to hopeful): 

1. Watch The Gutless Mini-Webinar (7-Mins): This answers your FAQs so we can focus our time on YOU and your custom plan instead of covering the basics.

2. Watch Tom Lose 63lbs & Get Abs (2-Mins): You need to know that this works long-term and that we can not only help you lose weight but cure your Low T Symptoms (Man Boobs, Low Sex Drive, Low Energy, Depression).

3. Watch Greg Lose 101lbs and Beat Me Up Koko Head (2-Mins): You need to visualize your future and what is possible for you on the other side of this journey. I want to meet you in person and hike Koko Head with you once you have gone GUTLESS.

Bonus Challenge!

Watch our full GUTLESS WEBINAR below (45-Mins) to get the full details on how 1000's of Dads Have Boosted Their T Naturally and Gone GUTLESS [Note: This was shot in 2020, we have WAY crazier results today as we continue to improve everyday].

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